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Elite Program FAQ

Brotherhood Lacrosse  Elite Program Team FAQ

What is expected of me if I am selected for a Brotherhood Lacrosse Elite Team?

The Brotherhood Lacrosse staff expects a full commitment from all of its players.  The team will have 1 practice per week in the fall (2-3 tournaments), 8 winter training sessions, and 2 practices per week in the spring/summer (4 tournaments) Players should attend all team events unless there is an unavoidable conflict. 

How much does the program cost and what does it include?

The youth elite team fee is: $2900.00.  The High School elite fee is $3000.  This includes coaching, a custom Brotherhood Lacrosse uniform (game jersey, game shorts, and practice jersey) 4 summer tournaments, 3 Fall Tournaments, 6 Fall Practices 14 summer team practices, 8 Winter Team Training Sessions and a preseason spring mini camp. Total of 28 practices and 7 team tournaments. 

When does the season begin?

Fall- Mid September-Mid November  Winter: January and February  Spring/Summer- Late May to early July

When and where are practices held?

All Practices will be held at Northern Highlands High School (298 Hillside Avenue, Allendale, NJ, 07401).  Summer Practices will take place on weekdays between the hours of 4:30pm- 7:30pm.  Practice start times are either 4:30pm or 6:00pm. Fall Practices are held on Sunday mornings and Winter Trainings are held on Friday evenings. 

How many tournaments do we attend and where are they?

Each team attends 4 summer tournaments.  Most of the tournaments take place on weekends.   The tournaments we attend are all within driving distance.  (The furthest tournament we attend is roughly 3 hours away)  All players are responsible for providing their own transportation/accommodations to tournaments.

Does every player receive equal playing time in games?

Every player will receive playing time in our team tournaments.  We carry manageable rosters to ensure that our players receive adequate game time.  Certain players may receive more time than others based on practice effort, work ethic, game situations etc. but we believe it is important for all players receive playing in order to have the opportunity to grown in real game situations.

How do I know if I've made the team?

All players will be notified via email within 1 week of the tryout. Emails and phone calls will not be returned during the 2 week evaluation period.

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