Brotherhood Clinics

2016 Winter Clinics

Brotherhood Lacrosse LLC
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Midland Park NJ, 07432
 Fun with FUNdamentals Training
-        Similar to most things, lacrosse skills are learned in stages.  If you miss
stage one, you will struggle to succeed with stage 2 and beyond.  Players can
use athleticism and determination to mask their deficiencies and be good
players, but only to a certain point.  Without a solid foundation of
fundamental skills, no lacrosse player can reach their full potential.  
-        Our Having Fun with Fundamentals course is designed to ensure that
all players are taught the RIGHT WAY to throw, catch, shoot and handle a
stick.  Stick handling is one of the most undertaught skills in the game of
lacrosse, but is also the first and most important step to executing any lacrosse
skill.   We use a number of proven teaching methods to ensure that all of our
participants are learning proper mechanics that will build a more well
rounded lacrosse player.  
-        While working on fundamentals can be tedious and boring, we have
created a curriculum that allows our players to compete with one another
while building proper lacrosse mechanics.  Using a variety of relay races,
contests and other fun activities, our staff builds a competitive environment
which ensures that not only are our players getting better, but they are
having fun doing it.  After all, isn’t that the point?

Skills Covered- 2 handed stick handling, 1 handed stick handling, triple
threat position, changing hands, passing, catching, shooting on the run,
shooting with time and room, inside finishing, ground ball play, Field and
Box dodging techniques, defensive footwork, defensive holds/checks and much
much more!
              Advance Skills Training
-        Once players have developed a solid core of fundamental lacrosse skills,
they are ready to begin to learn more complex skills as well as increase their
decision making abilities.  The Brotherhood Lacrosse Advanced Skills
Training sessions are designed to enable each player to develop more
advanced stickhandling, dodging, shooting and defensive skills along with the
knowledge of how and when to use them.   We combine skill work with live
game situations and focus on continuing to develop new skills and create
players with a higher lacrosse IQ.  
-        These sessions are designed for players who already possess a good
fundamental base.  Players should be able to throw and catch with both
hands and be comfortable handling their sticks while engaged with an
opponent.  If you love lacrosse and are looking to take your game to the next
level then come and join us at the Brotherhood Lacrosse Advanced Skills
Training Sessions.

Skills Covered- Multiple Passing Skills including throwback passing,
quickstick passing, cross handed passing, multiple move dodging skills from
all angles, ground ball escapes, stick fakes and how to use them properly, 6
Plane shooting, check tempo, setting up checks and much more!
          Learn & Play Training
-        This clinic based program allows players to continue developing their
core skills during the fall season.  The Learn and Play consists of 60 minute
sessions.  During the first 45 minute of each session, players will be instructed
on the fundamental skills that are the building blocks of any great lacrosse
player. Brotherhood Lacrosse uses a combination drill work, skills
competitions and mini games to maximize the amount of touches each player
receives during a session as well as to maximize the “fun factor”.
-        The final 15 minutes of each session will be dedicated to mini games
which will allow our players to maximize their touches while incorporating
the skills that they just learned into a fast paced game situation.  Competing
in small groups within tight space helps us teach our players how to think
and react quicker and be more precise in their passing and catching skills.  
Brotherhood Lacrosse takes pride in the education of lacrosse players and has
created this Learn and Play clinic model to teach the game in a fun and
competitive environment.